February 3rd, 2007


Post Eight: The Office, The X-Files

[001 - 007] The X-Files (2x10 - Red Museum)
[008 - 055] The Office (1x01 - Pilot) (1x02 - Diversity Day) (1x03 - Health Care) (Jim!Faces)

spoilers: none


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Yeah. That was fun. I decided to do a Jim!Face series. You probably haven't seen the last of that. I tried to get a coloring that I could reproduce with every icon. I also wanted on that wasn't boring and also not distracting, so the main attention would be on Jim's expression. I think I did okay. Of course, with every episode there are variations in lighting; big enough to bother me and little enough to need hours of attention to fix. I didn't bother. Oh, well. They're still cool enough. ^.^ Enjoy!

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