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07 July 2007 @ 09:54 pm
[ 001 - 036 ] Happy Feet
[ 037 - 078 ] The X-Files (4x05 - The Field Where I Died) (4x22 - Elegy) (4x24 - Gethsemane) (5x01 - Redux) (5x02 - Redux II) (5x04 - Detour) (5x05 - The Post-Modern Prometheus)


Well, Happy Feet is pretty amazing. I can't wait to see Ratatouille.

'See you later fatty!' That's funny! How long did it take you to think up that one?Collapse )
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12 June 2007 @ 06:14 pm
[001 - 001] House (random)
[002 - 003] Europe

It's important to animeshu that I credit her for her quote, and I didn't add a few icons last time. Nothing behind a cut today.

1. 2. 3.
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[082 - 100] House (3x16 - Top Secret) (3x20 - House Training) (3x22 - Resignation)
[101 - 101] Scrubs (1x08 - My Fifteen Minutes)
[102 - 121] El Laberinto del Fauno (Pan's Labyrinth)

Here's the rest of the icons. It was a mixture of laziness and finals that kept me from updating before this. Pan's Labyrinth is official amazing. By the way: the House finale was amazing and I don't care what anyone else says. I'm so happy the Ducklings are gone. My only worry is that they're going to hire even stupider people.

Anyway! Enjoy.


Chase, were you wearing your short shorts?Collapse )
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10 June 2007 @ 06:45 pm
[001 - 081] The X-Files (1x01 - Pilot) (1x08 - Ice) (1x21 - Tooms) (3x04 - Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose) (3x17 - Pusher) (4x02 - Home) (4x03 - Teliko) (4x04 - Unruhe) (4x10 - Paper Hearts) (4x12 - Leonard Betts)(4x13 - Never Again) (4x15 - Kaddish) (4x19 - Synchrony) (4x20 - Small Potatoes) (5x12 - Bad Blood)


Actually, I just thought it was a pretty cool key chain.Collapse )
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08 March 2007 @ 09:06 pm
Hey, guys, my Photobucket account is suddenly really fucked up-- so sorry about any broken images. I'm trying to fix things. Thanks for your patience!

EDIT: My Photobucket problem is fixed! Thanks to the Photobucket team and to you all for not complaining about broken images. ^.^
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06 March 2007 @ 09:20 pm
[004 - 058] House (1x01 - Pilot) (2x17 - All In) (3x14 - Insensitive) (promotional photos)
[001] Bats
[002 - 003] John Krasinski

I began this batch about three weeks ago, snatching a few minutes here and there. I tried out adding text for a while before I realized I suck at it. I'd love any tips on that. Also, I accidentely saved a fair numbers of these as JPGs instead of PNGs. There are some very passionate vouchers for PNG, but the other day someone suggested that I use JPGs for some reasons that seemed to make sense at the time that I can't remember now. Any thoughts?

Bed time...school tomorrow. x.x Enjoy.

1 2 3

Oh, sorry--I thought we were having a state-the-obvious contest.Collapse )
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[001 - 003] Ponies
[004 - 039] Bones (1x01 - Pilot) (1x02 - The Man in the SUV) (promotional photos)
[040 - 093] House (3x13 - Needle in a Haystack) (promotional photos)
[094 - 101] The Office (1x01 - Downsize)
[102 - 121] Emily Deschanel and Zooey Deschanel
[122 - 124] Lisa Edelstein
[125 - 126] Robert Sean Leonard

spoilers: House - 3x13 - Needle in a Haystack - Bones - 1x01 - Pilot


1 2 3

Well, that is officially the most collasal icon post I have ever made in one go. Think of it as my Velentine's Day present to you. I have a snow day today, so that's a happy thing. Anyway, I find myself pretty obsessed with Bones. It's a terrible show, yet I love it to bits. Since the American Office started to suck, I've been watching the British one. It's much shorter, and I kind of like that. They knew when to stop. It's nice. I guess British television is like that. So, that show rocks. I really thought it was going to have a sad ending. I never think that when watching tv, but this on really had me going.

Robert Sean Leonard is the master.

Also, it'd be kind if you would excuse some of the more colassaly bad icons in this post. (I seem to be saying that word a lot. A colassal amount.) I think what happens is I get on autopilot and just crank them out for an hour or so. I look at them when I'm uploading them to Photobucket and it's like GOOD LORD, what HAPPENED?

Anyway, yeah. Enjoy!

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03 February 2007 @ 11:09 pm
[001 - 007] The X-Files (2x10 - Red Museum)
[008 - 055] The Office (1x01 - Pilot) (1x02 - Diversity Day) (1x03 - Health Care) (Jim!Faces)

spoilers: none


1 2 3

Yeah. That was fun. I decided to do a Jim!Face series. You probably haven't seen the last of that. I tried to get a coloring that I could reproduce with every icon. I also wanted on that wasn't boring and also not distracting, so the main attention would be on Jim's expression. I think I did okay. Of course, with every episode there are variations in lighting; big enough to bother me and little enough to need hours of attention to fix. I didn't bother. Oh, well. They're still cool enough. ^.^ Enjoy!

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31 January 2007 @ 10:23 pm
[001 - 009] House (3x12 - One Day, One Room)
[010 - 028] The Office (Quotes) (2x05 - Halloween) (1x01 Pilot) (1x06 Hot Girl)
[029 - 042] The X-Files (2x13 Irresistible) (2x16 Colony) (1x08 Ice)

spoilers: none


1 2 3 4

I have rediscovered the glory of The X-Files. That show is so amazing. Also, I downloaded a selective coloring add on for my Photoshop Elements. So, a few of these are me trying to figure out how to get the damn thing to work. Anyway, enjoy.

the drunk tank?!Collapse )
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27 January 2007 @ 10:50 pm
[001 - 036] The Office

_jems_ - screencaps
dj_capslock - screencaps
kaien_kun - textures

If I ever stop being so lazy, I'll update my profile page and add all the resources so that I don't have to credit people in every post. Whatever. I'm thinking of iconing The Office episode by episode now, as well making an Office "btch plz" series, the first of which you will see here. There's also a few icons from promotional photos. Enjoy!


1 2 3

No, guys, the Afghanistan Nannies.Collapse )
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